About Us

Pebble Mountain is a small woodworking business established in St.Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia. It is run by Peter and his partner Katie, and it is named after a topographical point on the family woodlot in Indian Harbour.  All of our items are personally designed and handmade in our small shop, which is also located in Indian Harbour. We endeavor to provide quality handmade and unique items, with a particular emphasis on nontoxic finishes and the natural beauty and colour of wood. 

I decided to start this company with Katie after working for more then a decade as a carpenter.  I have worked extensively on repairing historically designated buildings in the Halifax region, and love both the natural beauty of wood and the traditions of  craftsmanship in Nova Scotia. 

We endeavor to provide high quality handcrafted products, and to establish personal contacts with anyone who either purchases our products or simply has an interest in woodworking or historical carpentry. We are, and will remain, a small local company based in a small community.