About Our Products

We are a small company and sell only our own handmade items.  Due to this we do not have a large inventory but are highly flexible.  If an item you are looking for is out of stock please contact us and we can give you an estimate of how soon we will be able to make it.  

We are also always interested in creating new products or customizing existing designs.  Let us know if you have any requests!

Our products are handmade from carefully selected woods.  Due to the natural variety of wood no two products are exactly the same and the colour, texture, grain patterns,knots and imperfections will vary from piece to piece.  If you have any concerns about the particular item you are ordering please contact us and we can send you a photograph of the exact item you will receive.

We currently offer Canada Wide shipping ($30 in the Atlantic provinces and Ontario, $40 for the rest of Canada) on most items. Some of our items (as noted in their descriptions) are delicate or heavy and it is difficult to use standardized packaging or shipping rates. If you would like to have one of these products custom shipped please do not hesitate to contact us and we will work with you to see what can be arranged.