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Pebble Mountain Woodcrafts

Double Heirloom Charcuterie Board

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This mesmerizing board is a replica based on the old pattern used in our heirloom series.  It features a double diagonal panel made of selection of neutral toned woods and a walnut rail and central board carefully selected to show the complex fading colour of walnut as it moves towards the outside of the tree.

The board is suitably sized for a large charcuterie platter and can be used for light duty cutting.

This board also incorporates a 3/8" for display hanging.

Finished with a food safe walrus oil and wax combination.

Measurements (length x width x thickness)

Total size 18&1/4" x 9&1/2" x 11/16"


Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Walnut.