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Pebble Mountain Woodcrafts

Striped Top End Table

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This handcrafted end table is an excellent way to appreciate the natural colours and grain patterns of exotic woods. The eye catching top is made of brightly coloured and contrasting strips of hardwood laminated together and reinforced with a integral threaded rod. The base of the table is made of maple which is pegged and glued together to avoid the use of screws and plugs, and its straight lines and shelf both compliment the top and provide a useful storage area.

The table is sturdily built with a thick top and legs and the entire unit is finished with an oil varnish. The top is also polished with wax.

Not intended for use as a stool or chair

Local Delivery and Pick Up only

Measurements ( length x width x height )

22" x 16"  x  22&1/2"

Top and legs are 1&1/2" thick.


Padauk, Red Oak, Lacewood, Yellowheart, Bloodwood, Wenge, Maple, Babinga, and Purpleheart