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Pebble Mountain Woodcrafts

Walnut Oval Cribbage Board

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This Cribbage board is made from a single oval of carefully selected live edge walnut. The board is carefully drilled in a classic cribbage pattern, and has lines that are hand burned (without a template), to help delineate the holes and divide the board into easily counted five hole divisions. It also has a separate scoring board located on the oval to enable players to keep track of multiple games. This board showcases the amazing natural grain and bark of the walnut tree. It will make a beautiful showpiece for the home of any cribbage enthusiast. 

The size of the ovals varies, but is typically around 20" long by 7" wide by 7/8" tall. The location of the scoring board may vary depending on the shape of the oval. It comes with nine hardwood pegs (colour coded) to allow for two or three person play.  Cards are not included.

Please note:  Unusual amongst our products, this cribbage is finished with an oil based varathane as it will best serve to protect the live edge.  As such it should not be used for serving food.